Kežmarok industrial Park

Kežmarok industrial Park
Construction of level crossing systems at the industrial park in Kežmarok

As part of the construction of the MUBEA plant, level crossing systems were built at the two existing unsecured level crossings at km 16,715 and at km 17,287, on the Poprad Tatry - Plaveč single-track railway line. Level crossing systems of category 3, with complete barriers and with active signaling of the state of the crossing were built on the crossings in question. The control of level crossing is solved by means of axle counters and informing the engine-driver about the state of the level crossing is provided by means of train drivers´s signals. A new control box with simplified indications of the state of level crossing system was added to the dispatcher at the Kežmarok railway station. With the construction of level crossing systems, the speed limit for train traffic to the crossing from ŽST Kežmarok was lifted.

2021 - In progress



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