Poprad Tatry - Liptovsky Mikulas

Poprad Tatry - Liptovsky Mikulas
2020 - 2023
Modernization of railway line Žilina – Košice, section Liptovský Mikuláš – Poprad Tatry, 1st stage: Poprad - Lučivná

Modernization project of railway line Poprad – Strba (Lucivna) in total length of 12.868 km.

The construction was divided into three integral parts: line section Poprad – Svit, railway station Svit and line section Svit – Strba. In vicinity of Lucivna village railway line relocation in the length of 2.637 km was realized, leading mostly through embankment and bridge object. New station Lucivna was built, including entry stairways, loading ramps and platforms. At the same time, railway station Svit was modernized, including station building, roofing, platforms and a passenger underground. Continuous disassembly and renewal of the whole railway trackbed was performed during the modernization of station-to-station line Poprad Tatry – Svit. The project also included complete rebuilding of track sub- and superstructure. The bridges, culverts and anti-noise screens were built.

Company KUMAT realized for company Siemens Mobility relocations of long-distance and signaling cables, complete installation of interlocking in Svit railway station, montage of railway section blocking in Poprad  - Svit and Svit – Strba sections, as well as adjustment of Chemosvit level crossing.

2021 - In progress



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