Považská Bystrica railway station

Považská Bystrica railway station
For the company SIEMENS, we carry out work related to the construction of a new interlocking system SIMIS W in Považská Bystrica railway station.

As part of the renewal of the Bratislava - Žilina railway corridor for a line speed of 160 km / h, specifically the Púchov - Žilina section, we have been carrying out work related to the construction of a new SIMIS W interlocking system at ŽST Považská Bystrica since 2017 for SIEMENS. The scope of work was the provision of construction procedures, the relocation of local, long-distance and optical cables, the implementation of block system in the Plevník - Drieňové turnout and the already mentioned implementation of interlocking system SIMIS W at Považská Bystrica railway station.

2021 - In progress



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